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September 22-23, 2020, “Wisc-e-sota – The Collaborative UMN-UW Virology Training Grant Symposium”, via Zoom. Link to come.
September 25, 2020, “St. Jude’s Bringing Chemistry to Medicine: 2020 Chemical Biology and Therapeutics Symposium”, via Zoom. Register here: https://www.stjude.org/education-training/advanced-training/seminars-symposia/chemical-biology-and-therapeutics-symposium.html
September 29, 2020, “Institute for Engineering in Medicine Annual Conference”, via Zoom. Register here: https://www.iem.umn.edu/iem-annualconference
October 5-6, 2020, “Translational Chemical Biology Virtual Conference”, via Online. Register here: go.nature.com/TCBiology
November 11-13, 2020, “9th Annual Conference of the International Chemical Biology Society (ICBS2020 Virtual)”, Register here: https://www.chemical-biology.org/event/ICBS2020virtual_registration

Monday, September 14

Chemical Biology Initiative Training Grant (CBITG) (Hosted by Dr. Mark Distefano)
CBITG Flash Talks
12:15pm, Zoom Webcast (CBC Seminar)
Meeting ID: 953 2124 8442
Passcode: ChemBio-1
Naomy Candelaria, Graduate Student (Advisor: J.Grossman/M.Rogers)
Dept. Horticultural Science, University of Minnesota
Exploring Multifunctional Services Provided by Summer Cover Crops in the Upper Midwest
3:30pm, Zoom Webcast (APS Seminar)
Passcode: SZ022=

Tuesday, September 15

Anindya Bagchi, Assistant Professor
Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
The Fruits of Never Giving Up: How a Null Hypothesis Led us to Identify a New Target in Pancreatic Cancer
9am, Zoom Webcast (Masonic Cancer Center Seminar)
Joseph J. Topczewski, Professor
Dept. Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Azides and Heterocycles: Fun with Dynamic Chemistry and Reactive Intermediates
9:45am, Zoom Webcast (Chemistry Seminar)
Mai Beauclaire, Graduate Student (Advisor: Mikael Elias)
Dept. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics, University of Minnesota
12:20pm, Zoom Webcast (BMBB Student Seminar)
Meeting ID: 955 8064 4215
Passcode: 2dgrbQ
Maxime Boneza, Graduate Student
Dept. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics, University of Minnesota
12:20pm, Zoom Webcast (BMBB Student Seminar)
Meeting ID: 955 8064 4215
Passcode: 2dgrbQ
Samira Azarin, Assistant Professor
Dept. Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, University of Minnesota
Biomaterial-based Approaches to Study and Control Ovarian Cancer
1:25pm, Zoom Webcast (CEMS Seminar)
Refer to CEMS Website for Pending Link
Ronald Siegel, ScD, Professor and Interim Department Head, Carolyn Fairbanks, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
Dept. Pharmaceutics, University of Minnesota
Research Ethics and Cultural Values
3pm, Zoom Webcast (Pharmaceutics Seminar)
Email kmjames@umn.edu to request a Zoom join link
Michael Walters, Research Associate Professor and Director of Lead and Probe Discovery
Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development, University of Minnesota
From HATs to PAINS to DUX4
3:30pm, Zoom Webcast (Medicinal Chemistry Seminar)
Passcode: MedChem-1

Wednesday, September 16

No Seminars

Thursday, September 17

Erin E. Carlson, Professor
Dept. Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Chemical Microbiology: Tools for the Translation and Control of Bacterial Behavior
9:45am, Zoom Webcast (Chemistry Seminar)
Kellan Passow, PhD Candidate (Advisor: Daniel Harki)
Dept. Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Nucleoside Analogues: Development of Fluorescent, Bioorthogonal, and Antiviral Tool Compounds
10am, Zoom Webcast (Thesis Defense)
Zoom ID: 943 1334 9242
password: X!^8fE
Clark Chen, MD/PhD, MICaB Graduate Faculty Candidate
Dept. Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology, University of Minnesota
Acquired Radiation Resistance through Extracellular Vesicle-mediated Release of MicroRNA
12pm, Zoom Webcast (MICaB Student Seminar)
Meeting ID: 998 8153 3315
Passcode: jpWuv7
Jing Wang, Assistant Professor
Neuromodulation Research Center, University of Minnesota
Coordinated Reset Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease
12:30pm, Zoom Webcast (CNE Seminar)
Mrinal Patnaik, MBBS, Associate Professor
Depts. of Medicine and Oncology, Mayo Clinic
Epigenetic Alterations and Therapeutic Targets in Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia
3pm, Zoom Webcast (Epigenetics Consortium Seminar)
Meeting ID: 939 3370 9061
Passcode: EpiCon-1

Friday, September 18

Christina Camell, Assistant Professor
Dept. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Biophysics, University of Minnesota
Inflammaging during Chronic and Infectious Disease
10am, Zoom Webcast (Pharmacology Seminar)
Esther Krook-Magnuson, Assistant Professor
Dept. Neuroscience, University of Minnesota
Yo, Gaba Gaba
10:30am, Zoom Webcast (Pharmacology Seminar)
Dr. Yadvendradev V. Jahala, Ph.D. Scientist
Wildlife Institute of India
Conserving Large Carnivores in India: Role of Science
12pm, Zoom Webcast (ConSci Seminar)

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Weekly Seminars List

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