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September 27, 2021“2021 IEM Annual Conference”. https://www.iem.umn.edu/iem-annual-conference/2021/9/27/2021-iem-annual-....
October 14-15, 2021“'Wisc-e-sota' - The Collaborative UMN-UW Virology Training Grant Symposium”, La Crosse, WI. Register here: https://learning.umn.edu/portal/events/reg/participantTypeSelection.do?m...


Dr. Hao Yuan Kueh, Assistant Professor
Dept. Bioengineering, University of Washington
Stochastic Epigenetic Control of T cell Development and Function
11:30am, Hybrid: 1-125 CCRB / Zoom Webcast (MICaB Invited Seminar)
Matthew Zinselmeier, PhD Candidate
Dept. Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development, University of Minnesota
Engineering Gene Expression in Plants: Optimization and Application of Programmable Transcriptional Activators
12pm, Zoom Webcast (MCDB&G Student Seminar)
Dr. Tessa Peters, Director of Crop Stewardship
The Land Institute
Plant Breeding-Adjacent Work in the World of Nonprofit: Crop Stewardship
3:30pm, Zoom Webcast (APS Seminar)


Dr. Kathryn Schwertfeger, Professor
Dept. Lab Medicine and Pathology, University of Minnesota
Stromal Contributions to Mammary Gland Development and Breast Cancer Progression
9am, Hybrid: 1-125 CCRB / Zoom Webcast (Masonic Cancer Center Seminar)
Dr. Ben Hackel, Associate Professor
Dept. Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Minnesota
1:25pm, 3-180 Keller Hall (CEMS Seminar)
Dr. Jake Bailey, Associate Professor
Dept. Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Minnesota
3pm, Zoom Webcast (PBS Seminar)
Dr. Elena Cáceres, Associate Professor
Theory Group, University of Texas at Austin
Holography, Black Holes and the Nature of Spacetime
5:30pm, Zoom Webcast (Women in Astronomy and Physics Lecture)


Dr. Ian Maze, Associate Professor
Dept. Neuroscience and Pharmacological Sciences, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Protein Monoaminylation in Brain: Novel Mechanisms of Neural Development, Plasticity and Disease
12pm, Zoom Webcast (Mayo Clinic Epigenomics Seminar)
Dr. Jop van Berlo, Associate Professor
Dept. Medicine, University of Minnesota
The Role of ECM in the Cardiac Stress Response
12pm, Hybrid: 1-101 MRF / Zoom Webcast (LHI Lecture)
Takuta Takahashi, MD, Graduate Student
Dept. Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, University of Minnesota
Towards Precision Medicine in Stem Cell Transplantation: Pharmacogenomics-Pharmacokinetics- Pharmacodynamic Analysis of a Conditioning Regimen
12:20pm, Hybrid: 1-451 Moos Tower/160 LSci / Zoom Webcast (ECP Seminar)
Dr. Roy Sillitoe, Associate Professor
Dept. Pathology & Neuroscience, Baylor College of Medicine
Genetic Dissection of Cerebellar Function by Generating Mice with Disease-like Phenotypes
3:30pm, Zoom Webcast (Biomedical Sciences Seminar)
R. Ford Denison, Adjunct Professor
Dept. Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota
3:30pm, Zoom Webcast (EEB Seminar)
Melissa Trent and Micah Helle, Farm Manager and Hydroponics Specialist
Dept. Horticulture, University of Minnesota
Urban Farming and Food Systems within the Pillsbury United Community
3:30pm, Hybrid: 310 Alderman Hall / Zoom Webcast (Horticulture Seminar)


Dr. Susan Reutzel-Eden, Assistant Professor
Dept. Chemistry, University of Minnesota
Inspiring Medicines Design through Solid State Chemistry
9:45am, Hybrid: 331 Smith Hall / Zoom Webcast (Margaret C. Etter Memorial Lecture in Materials Chemistry)
Sarah Jane Brown, Duluth Campus Librarian, Caitlin Bakker, Medical School Librarian
Pharmacy and Medical School, University of Minnesota
NIH Requirements for Sharing Data and Articles
11:15am, Zoom Webcast (CODR Seminar)
Meagan Rollins, Graduate Student (Advisor: Dr. Ingunn Stromnes)
Dept. Microbial Biology and Immunology, University of Minnesota
T cell Receptor Exchange by Zygote Engineering Results in Physiological T cell Responses for Therapeutic use in Pancreaticductal Adenocarcinoma
12pm, Hybrid: 1-110 LRB/MTRF / Zoom Webcast (MICaB Student Seminar)
Dr. Slava Epelman, Assistant Professor
Dept. Immunology, University of Toronto
12pm, Zoom Webcast (IBP Seminar)
Jonathan Schlebach, Assistant Professor
Dept. Chemistry, Indiana University Bloomington
12pm, Zoom Webcast (GCD Seminar)
Dr. David Stenehjem, Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota
Real World Evidence Generation in Oncology Drug Development
3:30pm, Hybrid: TC 7-193 Weaver-Densford Hall & DL 160 LSci / Zoom Webcast (SAPh 8100 Seminar)
Dr. Andrew Buller, Assistant Professor
Dept. Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison
3:30pm, Zoom Webcast (BTI Seminar)
Dr. Claudia Felser, Director
Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids
Magnetic Materials and Topology
3:35pm, Zoom Webcast (School of Physics and Astronomy Seminar)


Dr. Timothy Schacker, Vice Dean for Research
Medical School, University of Minnesota
Can We Cure HIV?
8am, A-240 Mayo Building (IIRC Seminar)
Dr. Michael Sheedlo, Assistant Professor
Dept. Pharmacology, University of Minnesota
Elucidating Mechanisms at the Host-Pathogen Interface
12pm, Hybrid: 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall / Zoom Webcast (Pharmacology Seminar)
Colin Planalp, MPA, Senior Research Fellow
On the Rocks: The Quiet Public Health Threat of Rising U.S. Alcohol Deaths
11:30am, Zoom Webcast (HPM Seminar)
Dr. Hiroshi Maeda, Associate Professor
Dept. Botany, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Deregulating Aromatic Amino Acid Biosynthesis in Plants
3pm, Zoom Webcast (UMD Chemistry & Biochemistry)

Available Job Openings

PDF icon Postdoctoral Associate Position in Dr. Carston Wagner's Lab

Synlife Positions - Synlife is a Boston-based startup co-founded by UMn professor Kate Adamala in 2017. We are engineering synthetic cell therapeutics, pioneering synthetic cell platform for biomedical applications. We are looking for a new team member to work on NIH funded project.