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Upcoming Events

May 13, 2020, “Institute for Molecular Virology Annual Symposium”, Go to link to register for webcast. https://umn.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9pIRWUW20214kwB
May 20, 2020, “CBITG Symposium 2020”, Go to link to register. http://cbitg.chem.umn.edu/symposium
June 11-12, 2020, “Pharmacogenomics Conference 2020”. https://www.pharmacy.umn.edu/news-and-events/pharmacogenomics-conference-2020
September 17-18, 2020, “Wisc-e-sota – The Collaborative UMN-UW Virology Training Grant Symposium”, Radisson Hotel, La Crosse, WI.
September 29, 2020, “Institute for Engineering in Medicine Annual Conference”, McNamara Alumni Center, University of Minnesota. https://www.iem.umn.edu/iem-annualconference

Monday, May 11

Kenneth Latimer, Postdoctoral Associate
Dept. of Neurobiology, University of Chicago
12pm, Zoom Webcast (CMRR Seminar)
Heather Blue, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Scott A. Chapman, Associate Professor of ECP, Elizabeth Hirsch, Assistant Professor of ECP, Diana Langworthy, Assistant Professor of PCHS
CO-nquering COVID-19 Teaching Challenges: Innovations in Didactic and Experiential Education in the Face of a Global Pandemic
12:15pm, Zoom Webcast (CoP Clinical Seminar)
Jack Olson, Graduate Student (Advisor: Matthew Clark)
Dept. of Horticultural Science, University of Minnesota
Genetic Basis and Characterization of Leaf Variegation in Cold-Hardy Hybrid Grapevine
3:30pm, Zoom Webcast (APS Seminar)

Tuesday, May 12

Torri Simon, Graduate Student (Advisor: Lin Zhang)
Div. of Biostatistics, University of Minnesota
Identifying Differentially Expressed Proteins Using Peptide-Level Data: An Application of Multiple Methods
10am, Zoom Webcast (Biostatistics Plan B Seminar)

Wednesday, May 13

Institute of Molecular Virology Mini-Symposium
8:30am-6:00pm, Zoom Webcast
Andrew Sherwood, Graduate Student (Advisor: Stan Hokanson)
Dept. of Horticultural Science, University of Minnesota
Genetic and Horticultural Characterization of Oakleaf Hydrangea Throughout its Native Range
9am, Zoom Webcast (Horticulture Thesis Defense Seminar)
Mary G. Garry, Associate Professor of Medicine
Lillehei Heart Institute, University of Minnesota
Humanized Muscle for the Treatment of Volumetric Muscle Loss
12pm, Zoom Webcast (LHI Lecture)

Thursday, May 14

No Seminars

Friday, May 15

Kathryn Wellen, Associate Professor
Dept. of Cancer Biology, University of Pennsylvania
Acetyl-coa Metabolism in Health and Disease
10am, Zoom Webcast (Pharmacology Seminar)

Spring 2020

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